DrivenBy Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping is a high-performance surveying technology that combines image capture with precise positioning and spatial orientation. Photogrammetry techniques then use this information to take measurements or position objects visible in the images in absolute coordinates.

Reseller in Belgium, Luxembourg and Rwanda

As the exclusive distributor of the imajing® system, DrivenBy offers you a unique solution :

From field surveys using imajbox®, to the production and updating of GIS themes using imajview®, to the sharing of information and imagery using imajnet®, the imajing® tool chain enables the referencing, visualization, management and qualification of all transport infrastructure-related themes.

A wide range of applications

Assets inventory

Mobile Mapping allows to carry out georeferenced inventories of equipment: signage, street furniture, lighting, trees, safety equipment, etc., in a very short time.

Environment mapping

Mobile Mapping can be used to analyze and map the environment of transport networks, such as parking spaces, sidewalks and facades.

Comfort measurement

Mobile Mapping can be used to measure and objectify the comfort of roads and cycle paths.

All kind of network