DrivenBy Satellite Navigation

Since July 16, 2012, the SmartNet BelgiumTM GNSS RTK corrections service has been operated by DrivenBy under license from Leica Geosystems based on Service Public Wallon’s Walcors reference stations.

SmartNet BE services are specially dedicated to applications such as self-guidance of agricultural machinery (precision agriculture), guidance of civil engineering machinery (excavators, etc.) and river dredging (bucket dredgers). These same services are also available for any application (topography, monitoring, etc.) requiring a high level of service.


SmartNet BE Subscription
550,00* Annually
  • *First activation : +50,00€
  • From 2nd subscription discount : -50,00€
  • From 5th Subscription discount : -100,00€
  • From 10th subscription discount : -150,00€
  • One-off projects lasting 3 months : 300,00€ revolving

Technical resources

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