Pavement inspection by AI for the city of Tournai

Project : semi-automatic visual pavement inspection of the streets of Tournai city Client : City of Tournai, Technical Service Period : Avril – December 2023 Description :  Street axis segmentation Mobile mapping survey : 360° + pavement High Resolution Road signs mapping Pavement inspection using AI and BRRC Belgian norm Pavement Management System including maintenance priorities Web […]

DrivenBy 2023 press review

In June 2023, City of Kigali and AWEx presented on their X account the succesful project of Digital Infrastructure Mapping. On 15th June 2023, National Belgian television RTBF presented our pavement inspection project for the city of Tournai. On 16th September 2023, City of Liege presented our project of mobility assets inventory. On 4th December […]

City of Liege parking and mobility

Project : mapping of parking slots and other mobility data over the city of Liege Client : City of Liege, Strategic development department Period : February – December 2023 Description :  360° mobile mapping survey Aerial survey and high resolution orthophoto production Mapping and qualification of mobility assets : roads signs, adverts, touristic signs, barriers, trash bins, […]

Comfort measurement of the cycle highway network in East Flanders

Project : comfort measurement of the cycle highway network in East Flanders Client : Province East Flanders – Mobility Department Period : December 2021 – March 2022 Description :  Cycling highway axis network digitalisation on high resolution orthophoto Mobile mapping survey on electric tripod Pavement type qualification Comfort index computation Web service deploiement for mobile mapping images […]

Deployment of a mobile mapping system for the City of Kigali

Project : Delivery of a complete mobile mapping suite of tools to the City of Kigali Client : City of Kigali   Period : January – Mai 2023   Description :  Delivery of mobile mapping system imajbox, Software installation, Training,   Project assistance for assets inventory (road signs, public lighting, parking, etc.), Technical support.   Diapositive précédente […]