Driven By

You accurate guidance via GNSS RTK network


Thanks to DrivenBy, professionals have access to the latest technologies to gather, process and broadcast geographical information. Based on strong experience and a network of specialised partners, DrivenBy focuses on the production of frequently updated geo-data and its distribution in near real time. Products and services are adapted to the exact needs of the users in terms of quality and accuracy.


You need a solution to survey and view a road, water or rail transportation network ? You want to share this information inside your organization and process it to give added value to your geographical information layers ?

Then, you will be « DrivenBy Mobile Mapping » !

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You need GNSS RTK corrections for your guidance solutions with a high level of availability, accuracy, repetatbility and a proactive support ?

Then, you will be  « DrivenBy Satellite Navigation » !



You need advice or support in your projects to generate and manage geographical information ?

Then, you will be « DrivenBy Consultancy » !