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Since the 16th of July 2012, the RTK GNSS corrections service SmartNet BelgiumTM is powered by DrivenBy under a Leica Geosystems license. SmartNet BE is based on the references stations of Walcors, the Service Public Wallonia's network.

SmartNet BE's services are dedicated to guidance applications : agricultural auto-steered tractors (precision farming), construction machine guidance (excavator, etc.) and riverbeds dredging. Same services are also available for any other application (topography, monitoring, etc.) that requires a higher level of service.



Pricelist :

Number of subscriptions / succesive years

1st year

2nd years

1st subscription



from the 2nd to the 4th subscription



from the 5th to the 9th subscription



from the 10th subscription



Annual subscription without usage limitation (annual invoicing, see general conditions of sale)  

For your one-off work, a subscription of € 300 for 3 months is also available on demand.

Ask for a quote SmartNet BE adapted to your GNSS RTK user profile (number of accounts, multi-year subscriptions, etc.) via the online form.

The technical means offered by DrivenBy are :

  • Several data sources, redundancy of reference stations => homogenous and stable network
  • Doubled telecom links (multiple operators)
  • Servers hosted in multiple data centers (fail over)
  • Duplication of servers based on users load (load balancing)
  • Proactive information to users : emails concerning the network performances, alerts' warning about complicated environmental conditions, direct phone calls with users experiencing specific troubles, etc.)
  • Continuous support (365 d / 24 h)
  • New : FAQ