Driven By

Your GIS updated via portable mobile mapping

DrivenBy Rwanda

After several years of friendly visits to understand needs and vision of public institutions, DrivenBy Rwanda Ltd has been officially registered in Kigali in 2019 and is represented by Peter Kiogothi :

Junction KG 149 & 151 St Kimironko

P.o Box 2780

Kigali - Rwanda

+250 788 351 119 / +250 788 318 849

We aims to implement the latest technologies to produce fresh and fit-to-purpose geo-information in the following fields :

  • Mobile Mapping to analyze transportation netwoks, inventorize assets and visbility surveys
  • CORS networks to guarantee the highest GNSS location accuracy
  • Aerial survey to cover large areas and model cities in 3D
  • Geomarketing and GIS